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29 May 2017 This article appeared in Ryukyu shimpo.

3-8 May 2017 Salon Revelations(France)
Salon Revelation was held once every two years at Grand plais in Paris, France. This year is the third time and despite the French presidential election, it was estimated that 45,000 of visitors came to this event.
The surprising visit of Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg and Princess Stephanie, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg also brought this venue to the peak.
This year the country of honor is the Republic of Chile. Chilean minister of Culture, Ernesto Ottone Ramirez themed this event as a peek of Chilean culture and economic. The reception was held at Latin American Guest House, and the event organizers rolled out the red carpet for the guests. It was a very pleasant experience for me to walk on the red carpet for the first time.
As for this work « curiosity « this theme, peeping through the sideway of this work, you could see the sea world of Okinawa. There were many cheers from the visitors. I was also able to advertise the Okinawa to the world.

Prince Guillaume and his wife Princess Stephanie ( The Grande Duchess of Luxembourg)

Japanese Ambassador to France Masato Kitera and his wife

At the Grand palais

At Gust House of Latin America

4 May 2017 Introbuced by RBC THE NEWS High school students challenge
Introduced O+ Connecting Okinawa held on 29th April O+ connecting okinawa is an event organized by high school student entrepreneurs, planned and prepared.
This expressing orginal ideas invitation- based trip event made by People who are active in Okinawa prefecture or out of the prefecture, or overseas.
O+ Connecting Okinawa

3-8 May 2017 Salon Révélations
I am happy to announce that I have been selected to participate in the Salon Révélations 2017, scheduled to be held from 3 May to 8 May 2017 at the Grand Palais, Paris, France. This is my third times in a row to exhibit some of my artworks in this prestigous art fair. I am already excited to enjoy the beautiful season in May in Paris. Whoever has plan to visit Paris during this period are very welcome to the Salon Révélations 2017 at the Grand Palais!

March 2017 Art Maison:Art Maison Selecting Committee
Art Maison:Art Maison Selecting Committee
  Deploma Pedro Francisco García (Madrid,Spain)

2-7 February 2017 COLLECT, Saatchi Gallery,DUTKO GALLERY London( London,England)
COLLECT, Saatchi Gallery,DUTKO GALLERY London( London,England)
Collect: The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects
Collect is an unrivalled opportunity to see and buy contemporary museum-quality ceramics, etc. from established and emerging artists and makers represented by the world's finest galleries .in the inspiring environment of the Saatchi Gallery visitors can indulge both their passion for collecting and their interest in design and interiors.

December 2016 Salon de la SNBA2016(Société Nationale des Beaux Arts)
This is the artwork I exhibited in Salon des Beaux Arts 2016, one of the most prestigious exhibition in which I was awarded two golden medals last year. This artwork has more than 170 cm in height. As you may be aware, large pieces are very rare in pottery. Not only is the successful firing of a large piece challenging, but also the fusion of pottery and glass – the most important feature of Ishigaki-yaki Pottery that we excel - adds more challenge to overcome, because pottery and glass have different shrinkage ratios. It took more than a year to finish the piece.
Blue and light have long been considered to represent hope in Japan and Europe since the ancient times. This artwork represents the ray of mercy that encompasses all beings with unwavering hope.
The miraculous fusion of glass and mineral breathe life into Ishigaki Blue. The lights that shined onto Ishigaki Blue not only reflect on its surface but also go deeper inside, as if to receive the message of hope and come out again. This doesn’t happen to ordinary tiles which just reflect light on its surface.
This artwork also expresses the eternity of the ray of hope, as the reflections of light can be witnessed from every angles.
Equally, the artwork represents the eternal prosperity by making the two pieces asymmetry. In Japan, asymmetry is used to express the incompleteness of all beings and the hope of eternal prosperity. Just like the Himeji castle, a Japanese national treasure, which has one of its roof-tile placed upside down intentionally, this artwork has two non-identical shapes. Each one of them is incomplete but when the two come together, they reach perfection.

Vertical 140cm Width 200cm Height 237cm

28 November 2016 An article about six-man exhibition in Lyon appeared in the Okinawa Times Newspaper

 Newspaper article

November 2016 An artwork by Haruhiko Kaneko included in the collection of York Museum in UK
In October 2016, I participated in the Ceramic Art York 2016 held in York, UK. During the fair, officials of the York Museum visited my exhibition booth and saw my artworks. Early this month, I received a wonderful news from York that my artwork has been included as part of the “York Art Gallery’s collections”. I am so grateful for the development. I am encouraged to create more pieces that can touch hearts of the people around the world. Please include the York Museum as part of your itinerary, whenever you visit UK.

Title: “Deep Blue Circle”

November 2016 The Top 5 winners of the Miss International Beauty Pageant 2016 joined our pottery workshop
The Top 5 winners of the Miss International Beauty Pageant 2016 has visited Ishigaki-yaki Pottery Studio and joined our pottery workshop. Each of them enjoyed the unique pottery experience here in our Studio. They look forward to receive delivery of the pieces which will be completed with the colour of blue – the colour that represents hope in Europe especially in France. Your piece will reach you soon!

05 November 2016 - 14 January 2017 Six-man Exhibition @ Gallery Atelier28 (Lyon, France)
[Artists] P.Bute/D hoft/H.kaneko/Y.Lambeau/M.Lambeardet/J.M.Marcaggi
I will join the six-man exhibition organized by Gallery Atelier 28.
Venue: Atelier 28
Address: 28 rue Burdeau 69001, Lyon, France

9-11 September 2016 Reflecting on the Ceramic Art York 2016 organized by Craft Potters Association in partnership with York Museums Trust
I had a great time at the Ceramic Art York 2016, mingled with 41 wonderful ceramic artists from UK and other European countries;Peter Beard, Ashraf Hanna, Ruth King, James Oughtibridge, to name a few. I am really impressed with their professionalism and exceptional skills. I felt the presence of large ceramist talents in this country. I equally enjoyed the historical and cultural landscape of the city of York and its intelligent, warm-hearted people. I am so grateful for all visitors and even other artists who purchased my artworks. York became one of my favorite cities. My best wishes to other artists, the organizers and people in York!

June 30,2016~July.06.2016 MASTERPIECE LONDON、DUTKO GALLERY, London

23 June-5 August,2016 DUTKO GALLERY LONDON
June 22, 2016 - August 05, 2016
This summer Dutko Gallery will present Encounters, a vibrant panorama of Japanese art and decorative arts from the 1930s to today.
For several centuries Japan has influenced the west, creating an important cultural bridge between East and West. Exploring this artistic exchange and the influences brought to Europe and beyond, this exhibition brings together exquisite examples of Japanese artistry and craftsmanship. As one of only a dozen others to use the ancient Uteki Tenmoku ‘drop of oil’ technique, master ceramicist Haruhiko Kaneko creates a rare luster and glaze in his elaborate sea inspired bowl and vase designs.

T : +44 20 7495 4666
Haruhiko KANEKO

30 March,2016~03 April,2016 PAD PARIS ART+DESIGN
Haruhiko Kaneko's Ishigaki-yaki pottery artwork will be exhibited at PAD Paris Art+Design in the Galerie JEAN-JACQUES DUTKO's booth No. 51. PAD Paris Art+Design will be held till 4 April 2016 at Tuileries Park near the Louvre Museum. You are all welcome to the fair!

17-20 Dec, 2015 Double triumph for Haruhiko Kaneko: artist wins Jury and SNBA Prizes for installation at the Salon de Société National Des Beaux Arts 2015
The Salon de Société Nationale Des Beaux Arts à Carrousel de Louvre exhibition was held at the Carrousel de Louvre, a space beneath the Musée du Louvre in Paris, France, from 17-20 December 2015. The exhibition was organised and curated by the Société Nationale Des Beaux Arts (SNBA, National Society for Fine Arts), one of the five most historical art academies in modern French history.
The SNBA is now in its 154th year. It has long provided support to the central pillars of French arts, and in return has been the only academy to enjoy the support of successive French presidents.
Its membership has included such notable artists as Marc Chagall, Claude Monet, Édouard Manet, Auguste Rodin, Pablo Picasso, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The list of Japanese artists who have been members includes Torajiro Kojima, Taikan Yokoyama, Tsuguharu Fujita, Seiki Kuroda, Kiyoshi Hasegawa, and Koji Fukiya.
The juries who selected the artworks to be showcased at the 2015 exhibition were forthcoming with praise for Kaneko’s work, noting how his installation, a blue-coloured ceramic wall, had a quality of expression more associated with painting than ceramic works, and commenting on its striking individuality, something hitherto unseen in ceramic pieces. On the basis of this evaluation, Kaneko’s work was selected to represent Japan at the 2015 event, the first time a ceramic artwork has been chosen as to represent Japan and, as such, a true honour for the artist.
Furthermore, the artwork won two prizes at the exhibition: Le Jury de la Société Nationale Des Beaux Arts décerne la Médaille d’Or d’Installation (Gold Medal for Installation selected by the Société Nationale Des Beaux Arts Jury) and le Jury Invité de la Société National Des Beaux Arts décerne la Médaille d’Or d’Installation (Gold Medal for Installation selected by the Société Nationale Des Beaux Arts Invited Jury).
Both juries comprised curators, interior designers, architects, and other art and design professionals, all at the top of their respective fields. This year, the jury also included Bruno Moinard, the renowned architect and scenographer responsible for the design of multiple gallery spaces, particularly in Paris, of all Alain Ducasse restaurants, and of all Cartier boutiques.

Of his latest success, the artist has said: “I would like to use this as a new starting point, from which I can focus on creating innovative new artworks. I hope to be able to enjoy everyone’s continued support”.

Winning artwork: Silent Blue (H3m x W12m)

19 Sept, 2015 Reflecting on the 2015 Salon Révélations
The second edition of Salon Révélations (the Revelations Fine Craft and Creation Fair), held in the Grand Palais, Paris, attracted more attendees than the inaugural event, with a total of 38,566 attendees, of which 33% were professionals and buyers. The 340 creators who exhibited at Revelations included 70 international creators from 17 countries worldwide, who had been selected to showcase their work.
Haruhiko Kaneko, founder of Ishigaki-yaki Pottery, was honoured to receive a number of distinguished guests during the fair, including Prime Minister of France Manual Valls and Yoichi Suzuki, the Ambassador of Japan to France. Haruhiko was also delighted to have his work introduced in leading French newspaper Le Monde.
One French visitor noted how, in France, blue is considered to be the colour of hope. Hope, however fragile, is always needed in this world. She told Haruhiko, as an artist, he should consider it his mission to transmit hope throughout the world through the medium of his art. She looked happy as she spoke, with a blue Ishigaki-yaki pendant dangling around her neck.
Another French visitor noted that blue as the colour of royalty and described Ishigaki-yaki serving ware as “fit for a king”. That visitor promised to use his precious Ishigaki-yaki pieces the next time he was welcoming important visitors.
By the end of the fair, Haruhiko was convinced of his duty to continue to craft his “Ishigaki blue”, as a means of bringing joy and warm smiles to people around the world. Haruhiko is now more determined than ever to deliver to people around the world the happiness of Ishigaki blue.
17-20 Dec, 2015 Salon de la SNBA2015(Société Nationale des Beaux Arts)
Haruhiko Kaneko to Exhibit at Renowned European Event, Salon de la SNBA 2015, held by the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts
Haruhiko Kaneko, with his Happy Blue Wall, has been selected as one of the three Japanese artists making up the Artiste Regards Sur section of this notoriously selective event, organised by the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts.

This will be the first time in SNBA history that a ceramic piece has been selected to be part of the installation section. This is another chance to showcase the beauty and magnitude of Okinawa’s ocean waters.

The artist is excited by this wonderful opportunity to introduce Happy Blue Wall to as many people from around the world as possible, and is looking forward to meeting many Salon visitors together with his ten-metre artwork.

Venue: Carrousel du Louvre underground shopping mall, Louvre Museum, Paris, France

About the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts
The Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts (SNBA, National Society for Fine Arts) is one of the five most historical art academies from modern French history. Established 152 years ago, the SNBA carved out a reputation by being the most faithful, of the five main academies, to the French figurative art tradition. The SNBA has supported this central pillar of French art throughout its long history, and in return has been the only academy to enjoy the venerable support of successive French Presidents.

Its membership has included such notable Japanese artists as Torajiro Kojima, Taikan Yokoyama, Seiki Kuroda, and Tsuguharu Fujita, all of whom found the gateway to recognition in Europe opened through their participation in SNBA salons.

Today, the renowned Japanese artist Kojiro Akagi, who received the Award of the President of the French Republic in 1975 and was named a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters of France in 2014, holds the position of honorary Vice President of the SNBA. The academy still upholds the founding principles of the French Republic—liberty, justice, and fraternity—as it continues to scrutinise would-be exhibition artwork with the strictest criteria, endorsing only those pieces of the highest international quality.

9-13 Sept, 2015 Salon Révélation au Grand Palais 2015
Exhibiting at the Second Salon Révélations au Grand Palais, Paris, France
The Salon Révélations au Grand Palais has evolved into a biennale, held once every two years. Ishigaki-yaki pottery has once more been chosen to be part of the event, with more pieces representing the beauty of Okinawa’s ocean waters. The artist hopes to be able to greet as many people as possible at this wonderful Paris exhibition. Please do come and visit the artist and his artwork at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Venue: Grand Palais, Paris

About Salon Révélations
This biannual event is a large-scale arts and crafts exhibition organised by the Ateliers D’Art de France, a foundation dedicated to the craft professions with a membership of over 6,000 professional artists and craftspeople, including French living national treasures, Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF, contemporary craftspeople recognised as having outstanding skills), master craftspeople, and leading artists in their fields. International artists seeking to take part are expected to have examples of their work featuring in the permanent collections of world-renowned galleries or museums.

After World War II, most exhibitions featured only galleries, rather than individual artists, leading to concern that such practice would limit the opportunity for talents artists to become recognised. At the same time, ceramics were falling into decline, prompting a return to the idea that “beauty is created by the individual”, and a subsequent resurgence of the idea that exhibitions should focus not on collections by galleries, but rather on the artists as individuals.

Révélations is the foremost event in France for leading arts and crafts. It is characterised by its focus on artists and their artwork; the minimum requirement to exhibition is that an artwork should be the product of a traditional craft, that it should be the product of outstanding skill, and further that it should be exceptional as an artwork. As such, it is notorious in France for its extremely strict selection process.

Artists who have been selected in the initial screening must then undergo a secondary assessment, conducted by twelve arts-related organisations (e.g. Sèvres Ceramics Museum).

The first edition of Révélations saw 300 artists from the world selected to exhibit. Haruhiko Kaneko, founder of Ishigaki-yaki Pottery, was the only Japanese artist officially selected to appear in the 2013 edition of Salon Révélations au Grand Palais.

Salon Révélation au Grand Palais 2015
KANEKO Haruhiko CM
July 21, 2015 Happy Blue Wall designated Japanese national property
In 2014 the founder of Ishigaki-yaki Pottery, Haruhiko Kaneko, was invited to hold an exhibition at the Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris (MCJP, a cultural centre supported by the Japan Foundation) in Paris, France. The exhibition, held in the first floor lobby of the centre, featured a 9 metre installation entitled Happy Blue Wall. The artist is proud to announce that this installation has now been designated Japanese national property by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and will be kept at the Consulate General of Japan in Marseille. Having been recognised with this great honour, the artist will continue to place his Japanese identity at the forefront of his efforts to use culture as a tool for exchange and integration with the global community, and in doing so serve as an example to children as to what they might achieve in the future.
3rd -5th July 2015 “The 21st Art in Clay” Hatfield 2015
Art in Clay. Celebrating 21years of Art in Clay at Hatfield House in 2015, this show has become one of the most important ceramic events in Europe. I am hoping to make many new friends and new collectors in England this coming summer.

This is the first time Ishigaki-yaki pottery will be unveiled in the UK.
Our tableware especially, is not normally exhibited and sold in foreign countries. Please do not miss this opportunity to visit us during the show. It will be a pleasure to meet you in Hatfield 2015.
8th -13th June 2015 Haruhiko Kaneko Exhibition – Gallery GK / Ginza Tokyo
Haruhiko Kaneko Exhibition – Gallery GK / Ginza, Tokyo – (Gallery Invitation show)
Thank you very much for visiting Ishigaki-yaki Pottery Studio. So many customers ask us to exhibit our artwork in Tokyo. We are very glad to do our solo exhibition in Ginza Tokyo for the third time.

Ginza is a prestigious place, where only the best artists are offered to present their works. Please feel free to visit us at any time.
My wife and I look forward to seeing you at the gallery.
The side of 1F, Dai-ichi Iwatsuki Bldg.
6-7-16 Ginza, Chuoh-ku Tokyo 〒104-0061 Japan

8th-12th June 2015     13th June 2015
From 12:00pm-19:00pm   From12:00pm-17:00pm

Please walk by Namiki Douri. It is in front of Tennich Tenpura Restaurant.
Telephone +81-(0)3-3571-0105

1 May – 31 Oct. 2015 Expo Milano 2015 Japan Pavilion
Expo Milano 2015 Japan Pavilion
Ishigaki-yaki pottery is showcased at the Japan Pavilion.
17-26 Feb, 2015 Haruhiko kaneko Solo Exhibition held at Villa Bagatelle,Marseille
A solo exhibition by Haruhiko Kaneko, founder of Ishigaki-yaki Pottery, was held to great success at Villa Bagatelle in Marseille, France. The exhibition was supported by the Consulate General of Japan in Marseille. A private view was held on the beautifully sunny evening of February 28. The many attendees included consuls and consulate staff from a number of foreign consuls, representatives of Marseille City, and members of the general public. The exhibition, which comprised the Happy Blue Wall and several Ishigaki-yaki pottery pieces, received considerable praise, and the artist was delighted to have communicated the beauty and the importance of Okinawa’s ocean waters to a French audience. The artist was presented with a medal of honour by the City of Marseille.

Consulate General of Japan in Marseille
16-30 September, 2014 Haruhiko Kaneko Solo Exhibition held at Galerie Le Prés Au 6, Paris
An exhibition of artwork by Haruhiko Kaneko, also known as the founder of Ishigaki-yaki Pottery Studio, was held in the Galerie Le Prés Au 6 in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. The theme of the exhibition was the colour blue, centering around a ‘Happy Blue Wall’. The exhibition, which ran for almost two weeks, kicked off with a well-attended private view on September 16th.

As well as pieces by Haruhiko Kaneko, the exhibition also featured luxury accessories by Masayo Kaneko and collaborative pieces resulting from a creative partnership between Haruhiko Kaneko and Kaga maki-e lacquerware artist Mitsuhiko Takada.

  • Article in the Ryukyu
    Shimpo newspaper

  • Article in the Yaeyama
    Mainichi Shimbun
2-13 September, 2014 Haruhiko Kaneko Exhibition held at Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris (Japan Foundation).
The opportunity to hold a solo exhibition at this venue is normally only offered to artists and craftspeople who have been designated by the Government of Japan as living national treasures. As such, this was an extremely rare event, comprising a number of stunning exhibits, including the nine-metre wide ‘Happy Blue Wall’, masterful tea bowls, and contemporary pieces. Luxury accessories by Masayo Kaneko and collaborative pieces with Kaga maki-e lacquerware artist Mitsuhiko Takada were also exhibited in the same space, and were the subject of considerable interest among visitors.

Fondation de Japon  Paris Japon centre culturel
November 16, 2013 Artworks by Haruhiko Kaneko included in the Kawamura Collection of Shimonoseki City Art Museum
The Shimonoseki City Art Museum procured two pieces of Ishigaki-yaki pottery for one of its permanent collections: Umi, a large circular plate, and a large square dish, as well as two reproductions of the fukufue, a type of ocarina first launched as a popular product in 1935 by a Shimonoseki City businessman Kojiro Kawamura and intended to be a symbol of the city. However, only a few of these ocarinas, originally known as fugufue, remained, and the instrument was under threat of becoming forever lost. A number of Japanese ceramists had previously attempted to reproduce the fugufue but none had been successful until Haruhiko Kaneko. His reproductions, now renamed fukufue, together with the knowledge required to reproduce the instrument, were bestowed to the City Museum.

Kojiro Kawamura was an entrepreneur born in Shimonoseki City who supported and nurtured many artists. Artists under his patronage included Ryusei Kishida, Ryuzaburo Umehara, Léonard Tsugouharu Foujita, and Yasuo Kazuki, who all worked in the youga or Western style of painting; Hokkai Takashima, who specialised in Japanese style painting; and Yumeji Takehisa, a painter and poet. The pieces by Haruhiko Kaneko, President and founder of the Ishigaki-yaki Pottery Studio, are now part of the Kawamura Collection at the Shimonoseki City Art Museum.
September 11-15, 2013 Exhibiting at Salon REVELATIONS – GRAND PALAIS, Paris
Salon RELEVATIONS – GRAND PALAIS was held to great acclaim from 11-15 September, 2014. This was the first Salon RELEVATIONS – GRAND PALAIS to be held in France. The first day was met with long queues and a wait of around one hour to gain entry to this exhibition, and welcomed a number of distinguished guests included members of the Royal Family of Norway. With over 33,000 visitors across five days, the exhibition proved itself to be one of Europe’s finest.

Around 300 artists from 100 companies around the world were selected to participate in the exhibition. Haruhiko Kaneko and Ishigaki-yaki Pottery Studio were chosen to fill one of the limited places (30 companies, 100 artists) for international participants. Haruhiko Kaneko was particularly honoured to be the only artist selected from Japan to be a part of the exhibition.
French participants included several Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF, contemporary craftspersons recognised as having outstanding skills) and craftspeople and artists designated as living national treasures. The Ishigaki-yaki Pottery Studio stand welcomed an endless stream of visitors, including many Parisian locals. The Studio was also delighted to welcome Miss France, the winner of Miss International 2012, to the stand.
The three-part work, Hokuto Shichisei (The Big Dipper), a multimedia piece combining Kaga maki-e lacquerware, ceramic, glassware, and pearl, was selected to become part of the permanent collection of the Ateliers d’Art de France.

Kaneko’s artwork prompted the interest of the Master Alliance of Ceramic Art in China, which has subsequently exhibited two pieces—one yohen-taihi tenmoku tea bowl with characteristic iridescence and oil-spatter pattern and a yuteki tenmoku tea bowl with a characteristic black glaze—in the Tao Art Gallery in Shanghai, and continued to exhibit the pieces at various shows throughout China until the middle of October 2014.

The exhibition was also the first showcase anywhere in the world of two new collaborative pieces, made with glass, ceramic material, and Kaga maki-e lacquerware: Fujin, Raijin (God of Wind, God of Thunder) and Shunka Shuto (Four Seasons). These pieces have also been shown as part of the subsequent exhibition Kanazawa: Origins of a Samurai Culture, alongside personal items of Toshiie Maeda, one of the most powerful generals to serve under Nobunaga Oda in the sixteenth century.
November 8-11, 2012 Exhibiting at SALON INTERNATIONAL DU PATRIMOINE CULTUREL, Paris
The SALON INTERNATIONAL DU PATRIMOINE CULTUREL (International Heritage Show) was held in the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris from 8-11 November 2012. The event was a perfect platform on which to showcase yohen-taihi tenmoku tea bowls (with characteristic iridescence and oil-spatter pattern) and hekikai konoha tenmoku tea bowls (a fusion of glass, pottery, and tree leaf). Happily the visitors, who included tourists, collectors, art historians, and wealthy individuals, appeared unanimous in their admiration for Kaneko’s exhibits.

The Carrousel du Louvre is located below the Musée du Louvre and is part of the palace. It is well known for being the location chosen by Chanel to showcase its new collections twice each year.

Participation in the show is by strict selection only; participants in 2012 included a number of Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF, contemporary craftspeople recognised as having outstanding skills), and craftspeople designated as living national treasures. The event is a wonderful opportunity to view outstanding French craftsmanship, including lace, stained glass, and reproductions of 12-13th century ceramic plates.
2011-2013 Exhibiting at MAISON & OBJET (Hall 4, Craft) for three consecutive years
Maison & Objet, held annually in Paris, is one of the world’s most renowned trade fairs. It is said to be the “Paris collection for interior design”, and is considered to be an important gateway to international recognition and success. Only two Japanese companies have exhibited artworks in the Craft hall (Hall 4) for three consecutive years; one of those is Ishigaki-yaki Pottery Studio. The studio has not exhibited since 2013, but the three years Ishigaki-yaki Pottery Studio participated in the event were formative, helping to shape the path which the studio is now taking towards the future.
September 29, 2010 Exhibiting at World Heritage Site Nikko Tosho-gu
This rare exhibition celebrated some of the oldest and most valuable bonsai trees in Japan. Many of the bonsai had never been viewable by the general public before, making this a must-see event.

These priceless bonsai were displayed among ceramic art created by living national treasures, with some pieces valued at millions of yen. To the delight of Ishigaki-yaki Pottery Studio, pieces by Haruhiko Kaneko were also selected to be part of the exhibition and were displayed alongside masterpieces by living national treasures. Some of the bonsai were well over 500 years old, still others close to a thousand, yet thanks to the formidable knowledge of the bonsai experts who have cared for the trees over time, none of them is more than one metre in height. Bonsai can encapsulate many things: a cosmic view, a sense of time, and a sense of seasonality. Bonsai owners would only pass their precious trees into the care of someone who shared the same philosophy and beliefs. As such, they are expressions of great and mutual respect over the centuries. The exhibition was held in the Kyakuden Guest Hall, where the Emperor and Empress of Japan have stayed as well as other members of the Imperial Family.

The theme of the event, held in the Tosho-gu World Heritage Site, was “coexistence with nature”. This resonated well with the underlying philosophy behind Ishigaki-yaki, namely to express in our pieces both human happiness and the eternal beauty of the Okinawan seas. This allowed the artist, Haruhiko Kaneko, to realise a world-first collaborative piece between pottery and bonsai. If our water, air, and food become polluted, we will wither and die. Kaneko placed a dish, representing the sea—water—as the ultimate source of all life, and a bonsai, representing the mountains which nurture the air, in a miniature garden, filled it with coral sand, to represent Earth seen from the universe and to communicate a message about how we should treasure our natural environment.
The spatter-type pattern characteristic of yuteki tenmoku can be read as an expression of the multitude of stars in our university, and the sea, covering seven tenths of the surface, is representative of Earth. This piece is intended as an expression of the wish to see the beauty of Earth and her nature, as seen from beyond the stars, remains forever.
In the hekikai konoha tenmoku tea bowl, the leaf is intended to represent the mountains, thereby encapsulating both the mountains and the oceans, as seen from space, within the confines of a delicate tea matcha tea bowl.

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